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Effective Strategies for Document Management

Trying to get a handle on your document management strategy? Does your business even have a document management strategy? Steve Weissman over at posted a new article detailing four factors of effective strategies that can help your business. In the article, Weissman points to the changing nature of how we use and share documents,…

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The TDV Cloud Backup Difference

TDV Cloud is powered by Asigra Cloud Backup, one of the leading cloud backup platforms on the market. But if you are considering protecting your critical data by moving to a cloud-based solution such as TDV Cloud, you’ll first want to ask why the Asigra platform offers an advantage. Glad you asked; here’s the difference.…

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Where Will We Put “Big Data”? In the Cloud

Business and consumer activity creates 2.5 qunitillion bytes of data every day. By 2015, research suggests, worldwide IP traffic will quadruple. This is all part of what is being called “Big Data.” Where will it all go? Well, the trend is that it will be stored and/or backed up using cloud technology. Where is your…

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