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Free Report: Repairing the Broken State of Backup and Data Recovery

Our data recovery technology partner, by way of Gartner, is now offering a free report titled “Repairing the Broken State of Backup.” The report examines the key challenges facing IT professionals and the problems they are experiencing in trying to address these problems, particularly when it comes to data backup and recovery. Some of these…

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Three Things You Should Know About Data Recovery

Are you familiar with data recovery policies? What do you think would happen if somehow your contacts and data were somehow permanently deleted or corrupted during a data import? Per the Data Recovery Service policy, there are three key factors to consider if you use the popular software as a service platform: 1.…

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Does Your Company Have a Disaster Recovery Plan?

Hurricane Sandy inflicted damage upon the New York/New Jersey area to the tune of more than $30 billion. (Note: That’s a lot.) Many businesses were forced to close, and many likely will not reopen. For some, this will be due to physical damage, while others will cease operations due to the overall financial devastation. For others, however,…

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