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Records Storage: Five Places NOT to Store Your Data

It may be an over-simplification to say that records storage and management companies like The Data Vault exist for a reason, but that wouldn’t make it any less true. And it’s also too easy to look at your document and tape storage as a necessary evil, or as just another expense sapping money from the…

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Does Your Company Have a Disaster Recovery Plan?

Hurricane Sandy inflicted damage upon the New York/New Jersey area to the tune of more than $30 billion. (Note: That’s a lot.) Many businesses were forced to close, and many likely will not reopen. For some, this will be due to physical damage, while others will cease operations due to the overall financial devastation. For others, however,…

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Data Backup Strategy is Essential to Your Business

Preventing data loss is crucial to your business.  But understanding when and how to back up systems and files can be difficult.  And for businesses that have limited IT resources, data backup can be doubly challenging.  How often you back up your business data is dependent on the unique needs and resources of your organization. …

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