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Disaster Recovery and Data Backup are Not the Same

Sometimes we talk about data backup around here, but usually the conversation is about data recovery or disaster recovery. A succinct new article by Forbes points out the three reasons that data backup and disaster recovery are not the same. Essentially, data backup is about how you’re ensuring you won’t lose your data. It’s a…

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Cloud Backup Under Attack (Again)

Just last week we reported here on the latest cloud backup bashing, and it’s on again. This time Electronic Engineering Journal is piling on. And we can’t fault them for why – cloud-storage company Nirvanix recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and abruptly told its customers they have two weeks to retrieve their data. Boom,…

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Data Recovery for Microsoft Exchange? We’ve Got That

According to the e-mail research firm the Radicati Group, there are more than 929 million business e-mail accounts throughout the world which send and receive over a 100 billion e-mails each day, most of them business-related. It boggles the mind. Backup and data recovery for this can be critical for any size business or corporation.…

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