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What is Cloud, Cloud Computing, and Cloud Backup?

Cloud…what is that? What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear someone say the word cloud? A responsive list may look like this: rainy weather, imaginative (interpreting what it looks like), ominous, pretty, etc. We recognize clouds because we have been told about them, seen them, and have experienced them…

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Panic in the Cloud? Gartner Predicts 1 in 4 Providers Gone by 2015

Research firm Gartner predicts a major consolidation in cloud services and estimates that about 25 percent of the top 100 IT service providers won’t be around by 2015. reports, “Cloud adopters face serious risk in the next two years because of the strong possibility that their provider will be acquired or forced out of…

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Cloud Backup Under Attack (Again)

Just last week we reported here on the latest cloud backup bashing, and it’s on again. This time Electronic Engineering Journal is piling on. And we can’t fault them for why – cloud-storage company Nirvanix recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and abruptly told its customers they have two weeks to retrieve their data. Boom,…

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