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Three Things You Should Know About Data Recovery

Are you familiar with data recovery policies? What do you think would happen if somehow your contacts and data were somehow permanently deleted or corrupted during a data import? Per the Data Recovery Service policy, there are three key factors to consider if you use the popular software as a service platform: 1.…

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The Cloud: It’s All About the Recovery

“It’s all about the recovery” is a phrase we use with fair regularity here at TDV Cloud. The fact is, recovering critical data in the wake of a disaster is the most important aspect of a cloud backup solution. Period. So, that’s why we say that phrase. Yes, the cloud is perfect for storage, and…

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Where Will We Put “Big Data”? In the Cloud

Business and consumer activity creates 2.5 qunitillion bytes of data every day. By 2015, research suggests, worldwide IP traffic will quadruple. This is all part of what is being called “Big Data.” Where will it all go? Well, the trend is that it will be stored and/or backed up using cloud technology. Where is your…

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