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Four Trends Driving the Need for Data Recovery

Ninety percent of the world’s data was created within the last two years. It’s a staggering figure. Predictably, data recovery solutions in enterprises of all sizes lag behind. In this recent story by, four key trends are driving the need for backup and data recovery are identified: 1. Cloud: Data protection as-a-service 2. Mobile:…

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Data Recovery: Think Globally, Trust Locally

It seems much of the hand-wringing over cloud-based data recovery is related to the feeling of uncertainty brought about by one simple question: “Where is my data really being stored?” It’s a fair question. If you decide to store, say, your personal financial information with Google Cloud Storage, you don’t know exactly where your data…

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Free Report: Repairing the Broken State of Backup and Data Recovery

Our data recovery technology partner, by way of Gartner, is now offering a free report titled “Repairing the Broken State of Backup.” The report examines the key challenges facing IT professionals and the problems they are experiencing in trying to address these problems, particularly when it comes to data backup and recovery. Some of these…

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