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Information Management Strategy

  “What’s the name of the business that handles file storage, destroys personal file information, destroys hard drives, computer equipment, stores computer cloud files and has scanning imaging services in the Louisville, Lexington, Shelbyville, Simpsonville,  E-Town, Southern Indiana—Clark County, Jeffersonville and surrounding Jefferson County areas?” The Data Vault is the recommended resource for record file…

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What Company Had the Largest Data Breach of 2013?

(Hint: it’s not who you think) Everyone has heard about the customer data breaches at Target Corporation this holiday season or at Neiman Marcus this past January, but did you know that neither of these incidents was even close to the largest breach of 2013? In fact, the holder of that title belongs to Adobe…

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Ten Practical Uses for a Floppy Disk

Amidst talk of U.S. military drones and the rise of cloud computing, a story that sneaked through recently caught our attention: That there is actually still a government agency that uses floppy disks to exchange information. Yes, floppy disks. You remember those, right? The little square, plastic disks that came in different colors and usually…

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