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The Truth About Data Tape

Digital magnetic tape has been around for 60 years now. That’s a long time in a world in which humans are constantly striving to come up with The Next Big Thing. Indeed, the appeal of data tape technology has been debated for years, but even with its future existence being questioned by the oncoming surge…

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Cloud Computing Can Slash IT Costs by 26 Percent

According to a new study commissioned by San Antonio-based hosting company Rackspace, cloud computing allows U.S. businesses to slash information technology costs by about 26 percent. This study, released on Feb. 20, is the result of a poll of 1,300 businesses in the U.K. and the U.S., as reported by In addition to this…

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Cloud Computing Will Trend Upward in 2013, Gartner Says

Cloud computing will be the biggest trend in the IT industry over the next year, according to research analyst Gartner. The hype surrounding the cloud is ever increasing and organizations worldwide are asking, “What does that mean for me?” This is the exact question the RIM professional should be posing and answering for themselves. Cloud…

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