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Document Shredding, Imaging, Storage Can Help Thwart Costly Data Breaches

Stories about serious data breaches are becoming more and more common, and the risks are becoming more severe for businesses. Too many enterprises ignore the importance of document shredding, well-managed document storage and document imaging. And sometimes by the time they realize the importance, it’s too late. A recent story by the Buffalo Law Journal…

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Where Severe Weather Meets Data Recovery

Meterologists are warning that a line of powerful thunderstorms moving through the Midwest today have the potential to cause major damage, bringing hail, lightning and damaging winds, according to a Huffington Post report. The day’s half over, and we’ve not seen reports of anything major, but the National Weather Service believes this line of storms…

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Records Storage 101: Don’t Put Lincoln-Signed Documents in Closet

Here’s a Records Storage 101 lesson, kids: Don’t store documents signed by President Abraham Lincoln in the back of a closet. Here’s why: They get misplaced. All the time. Just last week, the outgoing president at Lycoming College in Pennsylvania found a framed document, signed by the famed Civil War-era president, that named the college’s…

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