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Data Recovery: Think Globally, Trust Locally

It seems much of the hand-wringing over cloud-based data recovery is related to the feeling of uncertainty brought about by one simple question: “Where is my data really being stored?” It’s a fair question. If you decide to store, say, your personal financial information with Google Cloud Storage, you don’t know exactly where your data…

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Where Severe Weather Meets Data Recovery

Meterologists are warning that a line of powerful thunderstorms moving through the Midwest today have the potential to cause major damage, bringing hail, lightning and damaging winds, according to a Huffington Post report. The day’s half over, and we’ve not seen reports of anything major, but the National Weather Service believes this line of storms…

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Three Things You Should Know About Data Recovery

Are you familiar with data recovery policies? What do you think would happen if somehow your contacts and data were somehow permanently deleted or corrupted during a data import? Per the Data Recovery Service policy, there are three key factors to consider if you use the popular software as a service platform: 1.…

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