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Taking the Leap to Virtualization

Are you considering cloud-based backup and recovery for your business? If so, Symantec has released a new, free white paper titled “Taking the Leap to Virtualization” that you might want to read. The paper was prepared with IT Directors, IT Managers and IT Administration at mid-sized businesses in mind. It contains an overview of the…

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Small Businesses Using Cloud Backup Recover From Disasters More Quickly

According to the 2012 SMB Disaster Preparedness Survey prepared by antivirus provider Symantec, the success of a small company’s disaster preparedness plan was integrally linked to the adoption and use of cloud-based services such as virtualization, cloud computing and mobility. As reported by, however, the vast majority of small businesses that back up their…

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The Cloud: It’s All About the Recovery

“It’s all about the recovery” is a phrase we use with fair regularity here at TDV Cloud. The fact is, recovering critical data in the wake of a disaster is the most important aspect of a cloud backup solution. Period. So, that’s why we say that phrase. Yes, the cloud is perfect for storage, and…

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