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Taking An Axe To Your Data

Some people struggle with throwing things away. You know the type, hanging onto rubber bands, paper bags, broken appliances, even information. It may seem odd to include digital data in this categorization, but the “I may need it someday” mentality is a leading cause of exposure to unnecessary risk within the business community.

Logic states that it costs significant amounts of money to protect and keep data that has outlived it’s usefulness, cutting into an enterprises’s bottom line. Holding onto this information in perpetuity also gives hackers more attack targets, which in the long run can open you up to litigation or other unpleasant consequences. But what can an organization to mitigate these concerns?

When approaching this sort of question, there are two options: archive it or destroy it. While deep compression and legacy storage is acceptable for some types of legally controlled information, with most kinds the better option is total destruction. The finality of shredding provides greater peace of mind than simple deletion, without the remotest possibility of recovery or restoration.

Before choosing a vendor to handle the destruction, ask these questions:

1) Are the certified with national organizations?

2) Do they have a stated chain of custody procedure?

3) Where does the material go after it’s destruction?

The Data Vault’s shredding services can satisfy all these requirements with ease. With a SSAE 16 and PRISM Privacy+ certified facility, our system features tracking from pick up at your offices to the eventual recycling. All materials are handled by fully trained and identified staff members, with complete transparency throughout the process. If this sounds like something that you have a need for, contact us today and one of our expert consultants will be in touch. We can even help you identify what needs to disposed of, craft a custom logistics solution, and guide you through our process. Our reputation is based upon high quality services and flexible solutions, and the commitment to clients is unparalleled.


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