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Targeted While Traveling


Mobile technology use in United States only continues to grow, with up to 25% of Americans abandoning personal computer access to the internet in favor of smartphone and tablets. This proves problematic for many security policies, as networks and software packages have evolved around the idea of desktop use being the primary form of utility. Indeed, even as programmers scramble to adapt and fit their solutions to mobile interfaces there are some looking to take advantage of the window of vulnerability.

c Emails with sensitive information, personal identifiers, and other valuable data is all up for grabs while conducting normal business; and the targets themselves may be unaware of when an attack is occurring. One specific instance revolved around high end hotel WiFi networks during business conferences, providing a treasure trove of information about anyone connected without adequate security software installed.

Such laser precise attacks are not new (going after celebrity’s personal email accounts has been done long before now) but the risk of success has risen with the lag in mobile technology security. As many people travel during these holiday seasons but remain connected to the business world, it pays to consult with IT personnel on how robust security systems are within networks and whether your mobile device usage could be compromising the integrity of your information. By taking a nuanced and cautious approach to mobile devices, we can ensure that your organization doesn’t receive a data breach as a holiday gift.


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