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The Changing Face Of Data Privacy


Can you sympathize with the guy in the picture above? As modern technology continues to change, many individuals feel like their right to privacy is under continuous assault by a wide variety of corporate enterprises, governmental agencies, and malicious hackers. Some areas of the world have taken drastic action to combat this threat (such as the European “right to be forgotten” act) while others have allowed for a more flexible approach to the issue.

How organizations handle personal information they collect will be key in shaping the future of debate surrounding this contentious topic. With the wide variety of stakeholders present, it’s relevant to keep some things in mind as you plan a strategy to deal with the changing marketplace:

More Than Just Compliance

Legal mandates surround organizations (especially in the healthcare field) with requirements on how private information can and cannot be used. However, building practices simply to pass an annual audit by a regulatory body is just the beginning when it comes to protecting that data. Threats are fluid and ever evolving, with the risk of negative publicity and loss of consumer confidence becoming a routine component of any data breach. Corporate espionage is also lurking in the background, without it falling under the standard regulatory statutes. To combat these risks, continuous training and investment must become part of the organizational culture in order to keep ahead of the curve when it comes to technological intrusions aimed at accessing information.

Strategic Investment Vs. Cost

One of the primary motivators when it comes to funding updates to IT infrastructure is how it is perceived by top level managers. When viewing upgrades as a continuous cost, the tendency is to follow the letter of legal requirements and only implement a solution that covers the bare minimum. As addressed previously, this sense of complacency can open your organization up to a completely different type of line item: the cost of negative headlines. Taking a different approach; when proactively considering them as investments for future returns the robust systems can grant you the peace of mind to focus on your core mission. Attitude can make a world of difference.

Never Rest On Your Laurels

The best time to find a vulnerability in your network is before an attack ever happens. Generations of military defense planners have known this to be true, and the same idea applies to your data privacy protections. Constant testing, tweaking, and monitoring is crucial to be able to effectively respond to the so called zero day attacks as they appear on the horizon. Clients have come to expect this sort of behavior as they trust organizations to safeguard their online information, and with the legal and social ramifications of not upholding these standards it is always better to be on the safe side.

Weaving data privacy into the fabric of any data management plan is a crucial practice for businesses wishing to engage in modern commerce. For over 30 years The Data Vault has been adapting to meet the changing needs of the marketplace, whether it be physical or virtual security. Contact us today to learn more about our records and information management consulting services and how we can help guide you through the challenges of the 21st century connected environment.


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