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The Cloud: It’s All About the Recovery

“It’s all about the recovery” is a phrase we use with fair regularity here at TDV Cloud. The fact is, recovering critical data in the wake of a disaster is the most important aspect of a cloud backup solution.


So, that’s why we say that phrase. Yes, the cloud is perfect for storage, and you probably already use it if you’re using services like Facebook and Instagram. But if you manage critical business data for your company, what assurances do you have that data stored via cloud computing will be recoverable? Well, it all depends on your provider. There are a lot of different types of platforms, so choosing the right one for your business is key.

Here at TDV Cloud, we offer a cloud backup and recovery solution that is powered by Asigra, and we’ve created our TDV Cloud platform to ensure our Louisville, Ky.-region customers that in the event of a disaster, their business data will be safe and recoverable.

Think about it: What if the Ohio River floods this spring? There are businesses in the flood plain — are their disaster recovery plans sufficient? They are if they are using TDV Cloud. Why? Because with TDV Cloud, you can not only download your lost data remotely in the event of a disaster, we can even retrieve a hard drive for you with all that data loaded onto it in the event you don’t have the ability to manage the download yourself. And if you wanted to utilize, for instance, a hybrid tape/cloud data protection approach, we can do that too. That way, you know your critical information is backed up locally as well as in the cloud.

You know, because it’s all about the recovery.

It’s true that many are still skeptical about the cloud and its future for enterprise backup and recovery, but advances in cloud technology are making cloud computing more and more reliable. And flexible. And scalable.

For a bit more info, check out our white paper, What You Need to Know About Cloud Backup.

Also, here is a recent blog entry from that offers some insight into what the most critical elements of a cloud backup platform are.

If you already guessed that it’s all about the recovery, you were right.


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