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The Data Vault and The Kentuckiana Contingency Planners

Last July I wrote an article for TDV Blog highlighting The Data Vault’s 28th anniversary. In the article, I mentioned some of the keys to survival in today’s business climate and the realization that it is tough, if not impossible, to navigate the waters on your own. The article paid homage to the different local and national trade association and networking groups with which The Data Vault is proud to be affiliated.

As we now venture into 2013, we are still reminded of not just the advantages but the necessities of being involved with these groups.

Today, I want to highlight one of these associations as it correlates with the services The Data Vault provides, and has also proven to be newsworthy due to some unfortunate disasters this year — most notably Hurricane Sandy.

The Kentuckiana Contingency Planners (KACP) is the local chapter for the Association of Contingency Planners (ACP). Per the ACP website the group is described as a national organization for business continuity professionals providing networking opportunities, progressive programs, workshops and symposiums in the continuously evolving fields of business continuity, disaster recovery and emergency response.

Association of Contingency Planners logo

That said, I am proud to announce that I was recently re-elected to the KACP board as the Director of Membership. This will actually be my third year in this role, and I am very excited to continue to share the benefits and learning experience gained from my involvement of the KACP with The Data Vault’s clients, some of which are already KACP members.

All companies have had to take a harder look at disaster preparedness and continuity planning in recent years. While storing back-up data and records offsite is vital, there are additional factors that companies must look at when reviewing emergency and continuity plans. Over the past few years, The Data Vault has worked with many clients to bolster their DR Manuals and overall disaster planning.

For more information on this topic, please check out the KACP website. If you have additional questions or would be interested in becoming involved with KACP, please contact me at

Michael Payton
Operations Manager


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