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The Human Factor

Verizon just released it’s 7th annual report on data breaches, and it’s packed to the brim with detailed facts and figures about one of the most concerning trends in modern society. Here at The Data Vault we often discuss instances where information makes it’s way into the wrong hands, but one of the areas that hasn’t been as thoroughly explored is why the information was lost in the first place.

Based upon research initiated by Verizon and information gathered from 80 different law enforcement agencies, the report aims to shed some light on that very complex question. Of the 1,367 confirmed data breaches and 63,000 security incidents in 2013, up to 43% of them occurred because of ‘miscellaneous error’ – anecdotally known as employees leaving sensitive information in unlocked cars, dropping data unshredded into trash cans, or other unintentional instances. By industry, it’s a bigger problem than you would think:


Some might question the findings of this report while hinting that dedicated criminals are a bigger threat to organizations, but numbers don’t lie. Despite instances like the Target data breach (which was the work of an organized ring), the vast majority of data breaches occur due to mishandling of information and opportunistic individuals who only attempt to gain access to the information when it presents itself. Proper training of employees and having a records life cycle plan (49% of the miscellaneous errors involved printed documents) can mitigate many of the miscellaneous risks that are so prevalent in several of these crucial industries.

Here at The Data Vault, security is one of our foremost concerns. We’ve consulted with many businesses on how to implement better document handling practices – and with 30 years of experience our experts know what they’re talking about. Featuring techniques such as GPS tracked chain of custody technologies, certified secure hard drive shredding capabilities, and a 24/7 monitored climate control vault, we have the solutions your business is looking for. Give us a call today at (502) 244 – 1151 and we can see what we can do for you.


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