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The State of Cybersecurity


While President Obama’s State of the Union address last night was subject to intense debate within political circles, contained within the text of his address were some important legislative goals concerning digital security and data breaches. As a largely bipartisan issue with support from both sides of the isle in Washington, these initiatives stand a good chance of becoming one of the easiest issues for the new Congress to address during the current session.

Delving into the details of the plan, it seems like many of the proposed solutions would greatly enhance our ability to safeguard valued customers against information loss in the future. At the moment there is no federal standard for consumer notification of data breaches, rather relying on a patchwork of state laws across the country with varying levels of accountability. After the creation of a nationwide standard (suggested to be within 30 days of the incident), people could have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that they must be notified quickly if their information has been compromised by unauthorized people, whether the intent was malicious or not. This allows for the changing of payment details, monitoring of credit reports, and rapid changes necessary to safeguard finances.

Another aspect of the measures is that of IT security standards. In the wake of geopolitical implications of the Sony attacks, many of the world’s leaders have come to the realization that what happens in the murky realm of online crime can have a large effect on the rest of the economy. Several proposals would make the sale of stolen U.S. financial information an international crime, and grant courts the ability to shut down the computer systems that make it possible while hunting down the perpetrators.

Time will tell whether these goals see success within the various branches of the government, but spirits are high as these issues remain firmly rooted in the public consciousness. We can only hope that all political differences aside, the issues at stake provide a nearly universal desire to keep American information safe against threats in the future.


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