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The TDV Cloud Backup Difference

TDV Cloud is powered by Asigra Cloud Backup, one of the leading cloud backup platforms on the market. But if you are considering protecting your critical data by moving to a cloud-based solution such as TDV Cloud, you’ll first want to ask why the Asigra platform offers an advantage.

Glad you asked; here’s the difference. Er, here are eight differences:

Get in front of backup. TDV Cloud brings unprecedented efficiency to your backup and recovery architecture by allowing you to size the stale data, and identify redundan¬cies, ingest less data even in your initial backup thereby enabling you to optimize and better manage the backup procedure from both a data and a cost perspective.

Agentless architecture reduces complexity. While many traditional backup and restore solutions require an agent installed on every target server, workstation, and laptop, the TDV Cloud architecture is agentless, saving deploy¬ment, management, and maintenance costs.

Mobile Family Suite for non-technical users. A DS-Client can be installed on smartphones, laptops, tablets to help protect pertinent data on those devices.

Single code base and integrated platform. TDV Cloud offers a holistic data management solution that includes technologies like LAN Storage Discovery, Mass Deployment, Encryption, CDP, Deduplication, Replication, Backup Lifecycle Management with a single code base and unified platform.

TDV Cloud Backup maximizes virtualization investments. Customers with virtual server environments can leverage the agentless architecture to achieve backup and recovery without placing a “tax” on the CPU and RAM resources of the physical hypervisor host.

“Intelligent retention” reduces costs while enabling compliance. TDV Cloud’s approach to tiering and catego¬rizing backup data is based on a data value continuum, helping you align the cost and value of data over time with business expectations regarding recovery time and recov¬ery point objectives (RTOs and RPOs).

Public and “Private” Cloud Computing. Enterprises of all sizes can leverage the Public Cloud or use their Private Cloud to optimize the backup of distributed remote loca¬tions, virtual machines and mobile users. TDV Cloud’s exten¬sibility and scale – and lack of agents – make it the only choice as the enterprise continues to become flatter and wider.

Hybrid Data Protection strategy. Enterprises do not need to choose whether to completely manage the entire company data inhouse or completely outsource it to an Online Backup Service Provider. TDV Cloud’s solution allows companies to mix and match and seamlessly switch between the two strategies without having to reinstall the backup and recovery client software.

And there you have it. Ready for the cloud? If so, be sure to download our new white paper, “What You Need to Know About Cloud Backup: Your Guide to Cost, Security and Flexibility.” To find out more, contact us directly at 502.244.1151.


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