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Three Things You Should Know About Data Recovery

Are you familiar with data recovery policies? What do you think would happen if somehow your contacts and data were somehow permanently deleted or corrupted during a data import? data recovery

Per the Data Recovery Service policy, there are three key factors to consider if you use the popular software as a service platform:

1. Data can be recovered up to 3 months back from the current date.
2. Because it is a manual recovery process, the data recovery charge is a minimum of $10,000. (No, that’s not a misprint.)
3. Due to the manual process, a data recovery usually takes a minimum of 15 business days (or three calendar weeks).

Think about these factors for a moment. Say you’ve been using for your customer relations management needs for the last five years, and have contact info, notes, previous customer communications and budget/campaign tracking, and somehow one of your associates accidentally deletes the account. Or worse, what if someone finds a way to sabotage the account? Or worst of all, itself experiences a security breach that results in lost data — including yours?

Three months of your data isn’t going to save you, and three weeks probably won’t be soon enough to get that back, in any case. And that doesn’t even address the $10,000 minimum hit your company will take for a manual recovery. Luckily, TDV Cloud, powered by Asigra Cloud Backup, can ensure data recovery via cloud-to-cloud backup protection for companies in the Louisville, Ky., region.

Basically, you can have full control over backing up and restoring this vital information just like any other information critical to your organization, and remain fully compliant with all auditory and regulatory requirements while doing so. Perhaps most importantly, you can revert back to a specific point in time at which to recover all your data, usually in just minutes.

Would you like to know more? Download a free white paper that will tell you how TDV Cloud’s backup for works, and what it could mean to your company’s safety and security. is reputable and time-tested, but wouldn’t you rather know that your company’s vital sales and marketing information is fully under your control, with backups in your data center of choice?


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