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Top Four Reasons For Cloud Based Disaster Recovery


There’s no question that every business wants to protect their operations from downtime and a loss of critical data. But with many organizations lacking the internal expertise or budget to implement digital disaster recovery plans, their information can be vulnerable to the numerous outside threats that exist. Traditional systems can be costly and complex, but with cloud based solutions you can lower your costs while decreasing recovery times.

With The Data Vault Cloud, your organization can have the peace of mind that comes from top of the line security while embracing the numerous advantages associated with the technology. Consider these four reasons when deciding whether to look to the cloud for your disaster recovery needs:

Ease of Getting Started

Planning and deploying a new disaster recovery plan can be daunting, but our in-house tech support makes for a smooth transition! We will guide through all the necessary steps, helping from day one to make sure that our service meets your needs without any gaps in coverage. With a simple, secure automated process for replicating and recovering data in case of a disruptive event, you can focus on the more important things.

Flexible Low Cost Alternative

The costs of traditional disaster recovery can force you to make trade offs on what you can afford to protect versus what you need to protect. With a prioritization system featuring multiple tiers of data backups, your organization can easily compress deep archives for safekeeping while reducing the costs associated with storage in the cloud. Scalability allows you to increase or decrease storage as your business requires; keeping costs related to amount of activity.

Management Consistency

The ongoing maintenance and monitoring of disaster recovery systems can require new training and skills, and introduce time consuming manual processes. Our solution provides a single interface and common management dashboard at your on-site environment, allowing for a simpler and more efficient form of monitoring. In addition, our expert team of support staff can provide a foundation for any questions or concerns that may arise; while handling any changes to the system.

Self-Service Protection

With disaster recovery solutions, the caliber of support available and the ability to test recovery procedures often can make a difference in the degree of confidence you have in recovering your systems. Combined with our support and expertise, you have complete customization over what you protect and when. Setting unique recovery point objectives for each machine and other specifications are well within your reach, ensuring that our backup solution provides complete protection for your operations. Contact us today for a no obligation consultation!


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