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Trouble In Business Class?

Over the last few years, one of the most anticipated airline amenities has been the widespread introduction of in flight wireless internet. The ability to complete work on long business flights, browse webpages while traveling for fun, and other applications has made this feature one of the top priorities for consumer friendly airline companies. But security problems with the technology have started to crop up, resulting in stalling deployment among plane systems.

The trouble began with one cyber security researcher’s findings that passenger entertainment systems are often integrated with the computer systems regulating the operation of the plane itself. This raises the specter of onboard hackers using the WiFi to disrupt avionics equipment, interfering with the satellite based navigation and safety systems. While this particular issue is the most concerning for law enforcement and security forces, the implications of this vulnerability hit in other areas too.

As globalization gradually becomes the new normal, the business world has adapted by increasingly encouraging salespeople and employees to remain connected while on the move. Sensitive paperwork and documents are collaborated on around the world, and occasionally that can include while on the plane to a destination. If the security flaws in the in flight internet systems are bad enough to allow control of the plane, they could easily be used for corporate espionage and data breaches of the most serious sort. In an era where the risk of these kind of incidents is already rising to a record high, for this sort of issue to remain unaddressed would be unacceptable.

Time and research will tell whether or not these flaws are serious enough to warrant widespread changes to internet practices, but the advice here will remain the same. In order to keep your information secure, always know who is handling the traffic on your network and how it is all connected. Trusting an enterprise grade service provider will always been a significantly better choice than the “cheaper” option when it comes to security, accessibility, and ultimately accountability if something were to happen.

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