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True Data Security in Your Cloud Solution

A recent study by the Ponemon Institute revealed that that 65% of companies who outsourced work involving consumer data management have had a data breach involving consumer data and 64% say it has happened more than once. Does that sound like data security to you?

Yeah, it doesn’t to me either.

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How confident are you in your data security solution?

I’m no information technology pro, not by a longshot, but when I see statistics like that it makes me a little queasy. Like many people, my debit card has been breached twice (the second occurrence was this week, in fact). This is the kind of thing that scares people away from outsourcing IT services — it also scares them away from cloud solutions.

But it’s important to note that this study reports that the most common cause of these breaches were negligence and lost or stolen devices. What I’m getting at here is human error is more often the cause in such situations.

So what if your data was fully encrypted and managed by IT professionals who understood your security needs? When it comes to data security, it isn’t about outsourcing — it’s about the quality of the data management solution you’re outsourcing. We’ve been in the data management business for nearly 30 years, so we understand the challenges and the importance.

In short, TDV Cloud knows security. Powered by Asigra, it’s the most secure agentless data backup and recovery platform in the industry. Here are a few bullet points from Asigra’s “security track record”:

  • Zero breaches or compromised systems in more than 20 years of operation
  • IANA-registered ports
  • Data stored in compressed and encrypted format
  • Digital signature for every file and block of data
  • Data on disk in self-describing format
  • Background Autonomic Healing and System Admin
  • Restorability Validation Process (digital signature check)

No breaches in more than 20 years is pretty darn impressive. Hey, that’s a big reason we at TDV Cloud decided to partner with Asigra in the first place: When it comes to data security, it’s the best, at least as far we’re concerned.

Have you experienced a data breach in your business? Do you have confidence in your data security solution? To learn more about what TDV Cloud offers in the way of data security, check out our Security & Compliance page. You might be surprised.


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