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Turbulence in the Cloud

During The Data Vault’s recent customer satisfaction survey, nearly 66% of our clients reported that they were exploring cloud computing based alternatives to their current storage mediums. This is indicative of a much longer range trend that has been seen in the industry for some time now, with more and more companies considering the switch to digital formats.

However, not all cloud platforms are created equal. In these trying economic times, some companies are choosing to go with lower cost options that lack the guarantees and security of true enterprise grade storage options. In fact, according to one recent study:

  • 57% of customers that tried Amazon Web Services experienced a stall or failure
  • 56% of customers that tried Microsoft Azure experienced a stall or failure
  • 63% of customers that tried Rackspace experienced a stall or failure

It would be easy to chalk these issues up to inexperience on the end of the client’s information technology staff, but a simpler explanation could provide insight into the issue. As large service providers have gotten into pricing wars aimed at attracting the largest share of the market, support and customer service abilities have fallen by the wayside. Anyone who has tried to contact regular customer support at a large retailer can relate to the sort of labyrinthine process it can be to get help on an issue, and in a high complexity field like cloud computing that sort of system can bog down quickly. Additionally, anecdotes abound online relating to instances where customers have found that critical information was accidentally erased by larger providers; but no recourse is offered to rectify the situation.

However, there are other options. Here at The Data Vault, we’ve teamed up with Asigra to offer one of the most comprehensive cloud storage software suites on the market today. Combined with our commitment to customer service, this product allows us to offer an enterprise scale option to companies with security concerns or support needs. You’ll never need to worry about where your information is stored, who’s accessed it, or whether you can get questions answered since we apply the same standards to our digital storage offerings as our physical storage services. With 30 years of experience in the records management business, you can trust The Data Vault to be a partner in your transition to the cloud. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us today at (502) 244 – 1151!



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