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Universities Tackle Data Storage Challenges

As college students return to campus in the coming weeks, administrators have already been hard at work ensuring that the start of classes goes smoothly. With traditional education undergoing radical changes in recent years, the demands on information technology have increased greatly over time; leading to a need for creative information management solutions.

Anyone who has been in a classroom within the past decade can attest to the importance of the internet in regards to classwork; rarely is there a course anymore that does not integrate it in some fashion. But with all the uploaded papers, online class readings, interactive message boards, and other applications comes a staggering amount of information that must be stored and backed up appropriately (lest you incur the wrath of the students associated with lost assignments).

In a recent interview with TechTarget, the chief information officer of Michigan State shared her thoughts on how to handle the responsibilities. “What I find is that there’s no one, two, or even three sizes that fill all needs,” she explains, “and our job requires the use of everything from network server storage to cloud computing options.” This kind of integrated approach allows for flexibility on both ends of the equation, from the student needing to access content at midnight to the professor creating the videos to be uploaded and hosted.

As schools continue to offer more classes online or with internet enabled components, these sort of systems will only become more important. Even the smallest colleges are finding the need to innovate to remain competitive in a landscape competing for scholars, and having a solid information infrastructure is key to the student experience. Here at The Data Vault, we’re experts in finding custom solutions to meet any organization’s unique needs, and we’d be more than happy to consult with you on how to manage your information effectively. Head on over to our contact us page if you’d like to learn more and one of our specialists will be in touch!

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