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Vaults Offer Data Protection – and Sometimes More

News in the aftermath of the Moore, Oklahoma, tornado has often been bleak. The twister tore a path of destruction 17 miles long, killing 24 people in its path — including seven children.

While Moore is desperately trying to put the pieces together this week, there are also stories of good fortune emerging. One of them actually has a Kentucky parallel.

One such story involves 22 survivors who took shelter inside a bank vault in hopes of escaping the tornado’s wrath.

data protection vault

The credit union in which the vault was house was demolished, as you can see in the photo above. But the vault stayed strong, saving the lives of those who followed safety procedure and took cover within.

Interestingly, last spring a tornado in West Liberty, Ky., caused similar damage, and also devastated a bank. But seven people who sought refuge inside the bank’s vault emerged unscathed.

While we’ll never pretend to compare the value of data protection to that of the protection of human life in the face of a natural disaster, it makes us here at The Data Vault feel a bit more secure in knowing our climate-controlled vault is always on duty.


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