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What Is Cold Cloud Storage?


With most media coverage lumping all cloud based services together under a single umbrella term, it may seem strange to the average person that there are a wide variety of storage types within the ecosystem. Some are designed for rapid response, able to move large amounts of information quickly in case of disaster, while others are more focused on low cost, high volume data in compressed formats. This second type is the one that doesn’t get nearly as much exposure, and is largely unacknowledged outside of large enterprises or governmental agencies.

The term ‘cold cloud storage‘ has been coined to refer to any of the myriad of applications that specialize in this kind of data retention. Combined with prioritization of information (divided into critical and archival categories), it can be effectively used as way to reduce costs while retaining the benefits of effective planning. The ideal use for this kind of system would be for inactive data that an organization rarely, if ever, expects to access. Perfect examples would be legacy film footage for sports teams (think the 1970 NBA championship game; rarely needed for analysis but still retained for historical value) or library archives with information from the early medical studies.

Since most vendors charge per gigabyte of storage space, the important aspect of this form is the compressibility of the information in question. Because it is not necessary to keep the data rapidly accessible, it is possible to pack it into a much smaller digital file and reduce the amount charged for it’s continued maintenance. The flipside of this benefit, of course, is that when an organization finds that it needs the data in deep storage, the time it takes to retrieve it is typically much longer than the average for regular cloud services.

Taking the time vs. money tradeoff into account, organizations have the ability to determine what would be the best fit for cold cloud storage compared to normal services. The Data Vault Cloud solution has the ability to handle both forms, and our team of experts on staff can even help you determine what would be the best fit for your needs. Whether it’s a mixture of the two or solely one form, our solution can be customized to fit you. Contact us today with any questions and one of our consultants will be in touch!


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