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What to Look for in a Document Storage Provider

If you have limited space in your office to store documents and retention records, it may be time to partner with a document storage company. Finding the best vendor requires due diligence, so in this blog, we explain what to look for in a document storage provider.

Facility Quality

Quality varies widely between records storage facilities. Some facilities are general purpose warehouses where your documents may be stored on pallets or stacked on the floor, making them susceptible to floods. In a general storage warehouse, your documents may also be stored alongside flammable and combustible items. Not every facility maintains high cleanliness standards, which leaves your documents susceptible to pests. Security standards in document storage facilities also run the gamut, which puts the privacy of your information at risk.

Before sending your documents offsite, verify the quality of the records storage facility. It should be clean and well organized. Documents should be stored on high-density racking systems. The facility should be climate controlled and equipped with zoned fire detection and suppression technology. Look for the following security systems:

  • Interior and exterior cameras
  • Secured entry doors
  • Monitored security systems

As a visitor to a record storage facility, you should be required to sign a confidentiality agreement before entering storage areas.

Employee Screening

In addition to reducing in-house storage constraints and costs, a document storage provider enhances the privacy of your information. The individuals handling and delivering your records should be extensively screened. Background checks and drug screening should be administered during the hiring process.

Records Management Technology

Document storage is much more than putting a box of records on a shelf; you need to track and manage your information while it’s stored offsite. Verify that your document storage provider uses bar code tracking technology and a web-based client inventory system that gives you real-time data about your retention information and allows you to request documents any time. If they don’t, continue your search for a top-notch records storage provider.

Local Service Reputation

You’re more likely to have a positive document storage experience if you choose a locally-owned provider with many years of experience serving businesses in your community. Ask a potential document storage provider for customer references so you can make sure you’ll receive prompt, secure, and dependable service.

For more tips on finding a document storage solution for your business, please contact us by phone or complete the form on this page. The Data Vault offers document storage services to businesses in Kentucky and southern Indiana.


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