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What’s The Cost Of Disaster Recovery Testing?

The science behind disaster recovery has come a long way in the past few years. Greater numbers of businesses are recognizing the need for adequate planning and evaluation of scenarios where their information is inaccessible, unusable, or otherwise compromised. However, many of these same organizations are unfortunately taking a “fix it and forget it” approach to their systems – exposing them to future risks and financial losses.

Part of the reason this troubling trend has evolved is the perceived costs of running routine tests and drills. Many people assume that disaster recovery testing is severely disruptive to workflow and should only be done on rare occasions (if at all) to minimize hardship on staff; not to mention the assumed financial aspect. In reality though, there is a much wider variety of options available that can keep these stress tests from completely halting employee productivity and operations. With the advent of cloud based services this is especially true, where the average worker may not even realize that anything out of the ordinary is occurring.

So why do testing at all? The simple answer is that you never want to arrive at an emergency without knowing for certain that a system works. Everything sounds great in theory, but in practice many well designed programs or processes can behave in unexpected ways. The balance that must be achieved is the trade off between how much money a test will cost today vs. how much time it would save you in a real life emergency, where every second results in lost revenue. The best to time to identify potential issues is before one ever arises, in a tightly controlled environment on your terms. Most experts recommend that these tests be conducted at least quarterly, and more often than that if your organization is in a high risk field of work.

With over 30 years of helping organizations manage their information, The Data Vault stands ready to help with advice and customizable options to fit the needs of any size business. We’ve been helping our clients plan, test, and deploy robust disaster recovery solutions since 1984, and feature services that range from vault based physical archiving to the cloud. Contact us today and let one of our experts consult with you on any questions you may have.

So what is the true cost of disaster recovery testing? It’s less than whatever would be spent in an actual event, which makes it all the more valuable.


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