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Where Will We Put “Big Data”? In the Cloud

Business and consumer activity creates 2.5 qunitillion bytes of data every day. By 2015, research suggests, worldwide IP traffic will quadruple.

This is all part of what is being called “Big Data.” Where will it all go? Well, the trend is that it will be stored and/or backed up using cloud technology. Where is your company’s data backed up? Is it still on bare metal? Can your current backup and recovery solution handle what’s coming?

Two thirds of surveyed companies in North America said that Big Data will become a concern for them within the next five years. It’s no wonder cloud-based data backup and recovery is growing. It has to in order to keep up with the growth of Big Data.

Check out the infographic below, provided by TDV Cloud’s partner Asigra. Are you ready to handle Big Data? We can help you make that determination. Contact TDV Cloud at 502.244.1151 or at for a free assessment of your backup and recovery solution.

Big Data inforgraphic from Asigra


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