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Which Cloud Backup Provider is For You?

Cloud backup is becoming more and more prevalent as businesses see the benefits and begin to move away from bare-metal backup and recovery. To be sure, the benefits are great, and figure to only get better as time goes by and technology improves.

But how do you choose the right platform and provider? That’s a tough question, and as blogger Stephanie Hoffman of tells us, all cloud-based backup platforms are not created equal. Check out the blog if you are considering cloud backup recovery and restore.

Hoffman suggests that four key aspects should be considered when choosing a cloud backup provider:

-Support – Does the SLA meet your company’s needs?
-Security and Compliance – If you are in a vertical with specific laws and privacy policies governing
it, will your provider make you compliant?
-Solvency – How long has your provider been around? What happens to your data if the provider suddenly
closes its doors or is sold?
-Features – Does the platform meet your company’s needs in terms of availability and speed of recovery?
Will it handle multiple platforms?

Oh, price is a consideration as well. But you already knew that.

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