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White Paper: 10 Sins of Enterprise Backup and Data Recovery

It’s no secret: In a world where, to the modern enterprise, the ability to have data and applications available at all times is critical, backing up that data and having a strong data recovery solution in place are paramount.

Here’s a scary number to drive it home: The average cost of an enterprise hour of downtime is $200,000 — and that number is only getting larger.

data recovery - white paper cover 10 sinsPut simply, the inability to recover data is a disaster waiting to happen. Data loss dramatically reduces employees’ productivity and can quickly affect a company’s bottom line.

In fact, in a worst-case scenario, a catastrophic data loss event can render an enterprise incapable of doing business at all, causing irreparable damage to its reputation and even threatening its very existence.

When we know all this, why is data recovery such a challenge for so many companies? Data is the lifeblood of most organizations, and many businesses are drowning in it.

Luckily, there are solutions to this current quandary. In our new white paper, 10 Sins of Enterprise Backup and Recovery, you’ll learn why TDV Cloud is one such solution.

TDV Cloud, powered by Asigra, is an award-winning, enterprise-class backup and recovery software, which delivers maximum data security and data recovery capabilities – the level used by the government and the military.

Here are three reasons to believe, to get you started:

1. TDV Cloud satisfies all compliance regulations and audits by meeting or surpassing each requirement.
2. Our agentless architecture mitigates a major vulnerability by eliminating the number of open data ports exposed within your environment.
3. TDV Cloud provides NIST FIPS 140-2 data encryption to protect your data in flight and at rest. You hold the only key. You alone decide who has access.

Ready to learn where many organizations are going wrong with data backup and data recovery? And how your company can begin doing it right? Download 10 Sins of Enterprise Backup and Recovery today – it’s free. Or contact us today by filling out this simple form or calling us at 502.244.1152.


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