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Who’s Afraid Of The Big Bad Bash?

News reports continue to filter in this week about a new software code exploit going by the name of “Bash“. According to experts, the vulnerability could make April’s Heartbleed bug look absolutely tame in comparison by potentially allowing intruders into the over 50% of servers running Linux and Mac OSX operating systems. Obviously this raises alarms for many companies online, as security concerns are already at an all time high with the current environment of data breaches.

But while things may seem bad from the outside, perhaps all is not lost. The issue is of relatively low complexity compared to other publicized vulnerabilities, and an easy update is available to fix the root of the problem. Considering the ease of patching, the main issue to address will be the widespread nature of the exploit as the large number of devices makes it difficult to update all of them to be secure. Your Apple devices and other consumer electronics should be fine to continue using, but as always vigilance is key. Any updates that become available for the affected devices should be immediately downloaded to help protect against intrusions. With proper prevention and attention, this too will become just another bump in the road in course of technology!



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