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Why Businesses are Migrating to Cloud Disaster Recovery

Cloud Business Review published an article this week that is worth reading if you’re toying with the idea of adopting cloud disaster recovery for your business. The article is titled, “The Top 7 Reasons Businesses are Turning to the Cloud for Disaster Recovery,” and it presents a fairly compelling case.


Here’s a condensed version of author Aaron Eastwood’s seven reasons:

Enhanced Data Protection

This is a pretty obvious — and extremely important — reason businesses are turning to cloud-based disaster recovery. Since cloud computing technology utilizes advanced encryption and security practices, your data is safer. Data tapes are still viable, but they can go bad or be damaged.

Easy to Use

Backup processes can be time consuming, as any IT professional will tell you. With services like the Asigra-powered TDV Cloud, your IT staff can manage it much more easily because so much of it is automated. This also enables them to be better prepared in case of a lost data disaster.

Low Total Cost of Ownership

In most cases, a business can utilize the cloud on a subscription basis, saving on hardware costs. Basically, you pay based on how much you store.

Fast Implementation Process

By using setup and configuration wizards associated with cloud computing, most small businesses can set up their data recovery applications within a few hours. This is a big time saver over traditional data recovery technology.

Lower Energy Consumption

Since cloud computing requires no large server rooms, businesses can cut down on their energy bills.

Provides Improved Agility and Scalability

Cloud technology is still evolving, but providers can change applications and user interfaces without changing the underlying cloud computing technology their customers rely on. Also, cloud recovery and backup is scalable to easily grow with your backup and storage needs.

Allows Businesses to Leverage Current IT Infrastructure

Cloud computing solutions are designed to work with existing storage devices, applications, and operating systems. TDV Cloud in particular is agentless and can support a wide variety of platforms and technology.

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