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Why Cloud-Based Data Recovery is Perfect for Healthcare

For many industries backup is critical, but none more than healthcare. The data you maintain and protect affects patient care and falls under stringent healthcare compliance requirements.

cloud data recovery for healthcareUsed at hundreds of healthcare providers like you, Asigra-powered cloud backup and data recovery transforms the effort and security of backing up and restoring your data – for the Louisville, Ky., region, the solution is TDV Cloud. Some features you should know about include:

1. Designed with HIPAA and industry compliance requirements in mind, it’s the only cloud data recovery software with NIST-approved FIPS 140-2 certification, meeting the most stringent healthcare compliance requirements.

2. Service architecture improves your security, protecting data from loss due to disasters with solid,
multi-location reliability and agentless architecture.

3. Speedy backup and data recovery without disruption to clinical staff and no impact on day-to-day operations – doctors won’t experience slowdowns when reviewing patient histories.

4. Compatible with all elements of your healthcare environment, TDV Cloud automatically backs up
operating systems, file systems, applications, desktops, laptops, tablets, smart phones and more. It is also system agnostic, working with any platform.

5. Offers scalability that expands with you and frees you from endless, costly server upgrades.

Ready to learn more about why TDV Cloud is the perfect solution for your Louisville-region healthcare organization’s backup and data recovery needs? Download our free white paper below (just click on the blue link after you click “Download”), or contact us directly at 502.244.1152.

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