Workflow Scanning

Looking for Reliable Workflow Scanning Services?

A seamless workflow is critical to a successful business. Your customers, vendors, staff, and shareholders expect to receive information in a timely manner. Manual, paper-intensive workflow processes are prone to errors and delays. Workflow scanning enables your documents to be electronically managed for improved:

  • Efficiency
  • Privacy compliance
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Quality assurance

The Data Vault Workflow Scanning Solution

It’s difficult to be productive when managing paper files takes up so much of your time. Paper documents have to be manually retrieved, and if not properly re-filed, important information can be lost, slowing down your operation. The Data Vault’s workflow scanning solution reduces your company’s paper dependence for improved productivity. We digitize all types of documents, including:

  • Purchase orders
  • Invoices
  • Credit applications
  • Human resource records

Digital document allowing for automated workflow and efficient processing. This means you don’t have search through a backlog of records stored in filing cabinets in order to find information. Instead, documents can be located and shared with the click of a mouse.

Understanding Your Workflow Scanning Goals

You need a scanning partner that understands your requirements and can help you streamline your workflow processes. At The Data Vault, we begin by assessing how information is stored, processed, and shared once it enters your workflow. After evaluating your needs, we show you the steps for achieving a digital workflow that supports your business objectives.

Our Workflow Scanning Process

Our workflow scanning service ensures your paper records are imaged efficiently and securely. On a daily, weekly or monthly schedule, we collect the physical documents you are currently using. We prep, sort, scan, and index your files according to your specifications. Once your documents have been digitized, they are electronically uploaded to a storage location of your choosing. If you don’t currently have an electronic document storage solution, our image hosting service helps you properly maintain and manage your digital information.

Your business must be efficient, privacy compliant, and offer excellent customer service. To do that, the right information has to be delivered to the right place at the right time. Let The Data Vault’s workflow scanning services help you do that.

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