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X-Ray Storage Transformed By Digital Techniques


Traditional radiology has always depended upon physical charts and images created from exposure to x-rays on film, creating accurate insights into patient health. As the digital revolution has swept through the healthcare industry, however, this area has been no exception – with many of the images taken today stored via electronic means. But when it comes to converting archived information, what solutions exist to help with the backlog and what does the future look like?

Experts say that both cloud computing and improvements in digital scanning will revolutionize the way we view radiology; including who looks at images, where they’re stored, how it’s read, and the speed with which they can be shared. Instead of medical IT departments taking on the burden of storing these digital images on site (requiring massive hardware investments) many organizations are transitioning to highly secure enterprise cloud computing systems; allowing for the near instantaneous sharing of results between physician practices. Creating these central repositories has benefits beyond just collaboration, as shipping and storage costs are significantly reduced by not having to send physical files one by one as they’re requested. While new scans are completely digital and easy to store, what this still doesn’t solve is bridging the gap between pre-existing film archives and the new electronic systems.

This is where digital scanning advancements come in. As resolutions and speed have improved in the field, increasing numbers of offices have made the decision to take their current archives that go back decades and finally move them into compliance with the new electronic medical records systems. While this change takes time and patience on the part of both providers and vendors, in the end the benefits far outweigh any temporary inconveniences that might result. Unifying all records into one common system can cut down on confusion and result in less time in the office for patients while experiencing better care overall.

This confluence of technology and radiology is only providing benefits for the providers and patients utilizing the technology. By increasing the efficiency present in these processes, people can spend less time in the actual facilities while physicians see increased accuracy, fewer errors, and more patients in less time. If The Data Vault can help you with any of these changes or you would be interested in seeing more about the benefits of a cloud based solution, please contact us today and one of our experts will be in touch!


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