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The Year Of The Data Breach?


With spring’s arrival comes the annual release of the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, an overview of cyber security issues during the preceding year. Contained within the study are facts and figures related to industries that utilize the internet (basically all of them at this point) and how the environment has evolved around their efforts.

While the full document runs nearly seventy pages, there are a few highlights that stand out to the casual observer. Maintaining it’s ranking from last year, human error once again tops the list of causes for data breaches as many would-be attackers realize that people are inherently fallible:

In addition to this finding, the study also showed that the overall proportion of businesses facing an attacked increased to the point where five out of every six organizations saw some sort of security threat in 2014. With financial losses totaling $400 million, this new form of attack is big business for malicious attackers and criminals around the world.

As seen above, the risk of data breaches is not limited to the United States alone but is an omnipresent phenomena. If your company is concerned with the changing world of information, we can help. With The Data Vault Cloud services, our enterprise grade backup software ensures that you have peace of mind when dealing with destructive viruses or the recent rise in digital ransom demands. Contact us today and one of our experts can explain the different options on the market, determine if our solution is a good fit for your needs, and help you get on the path to security!


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